As a single mother who works and home schools my two teenage boys, I find that reading is not always an easy task.  I love to read, however and am craving the text!  I found that reading at night before bed has been very liberating.  I have read that it is bad for your sleep patterns to play on computers, iPhones, and iPads before bed.  For some reason, they keep your brain too stimulated, which makes it tough to get a good night’s rest.  That is the last thing I need!

My new thing is to climb into bed an hour to two hours before bedtime.  Dinner has been eaten and the kitchen is cleaned up.  There’s really nothing else for me to do that can’t wait until the following day.  Let’s face it – if you do not live alone, there will always be a mess in your home.  You can either constantly pick up the mess, or allow yourself to unwind and do something you enjoy.  For me, it is reading.

Reading, whether it’s for pleasure or for work/school, can be a huge plus for our minds.  When reading for pleasure, I feel as though I am an invisible character in the story.  I am privy to information before most of the real characters are.  I love it!  I still learn new things too.  Sometimes it’s a new word.  Other times, it’s about a place I’ve never visited.  I even learn new things about myself based on the type of character I’m reading about.

If you are an avid reader, but have such a tough time finding the time to read, then I challenge you to try reading before bedtime for a week.  Imagine how many pages you can read if you give yourself even one hour each night!  Plus, your body will be relaxed and you will start to get tired naturally.  Pushing yourself to the limit by getting things done around the house does not benefit you.

Happy Reading!