I recently read a book called The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright.  I found it for $1 at a thrift store and liked the synopsis. The first chapter reveals the death of a husband and wife.  Though very sad, the death is almost romantic.  The couple have three children who must then plan for their parents’ funeral.  They are different as can be, but obviously love one another.

While going through papers and tax records, a family friend finds a box in the basement that is full of letters.  They are letters that the children’s father wrote to their mother every week from the day they married.  Some letters were silly, while others were very serious.  The romance behind the letters is apparent, however.

Through these letters, the children find out some disappointing news that will affect them all.  Together, they pull through and work on bringing the family back together, especially since that was what their parents would have wanted.

The Wednesday Letters was released in 2007 by Shadow Mountain