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About the Book

Olive’s best friend needs her now more than ever, but can she piece together everything in time to help him?

When an anonymous email circulates through Normandie High, everything Olive knows about her family, church, and friends will change. In the midst of controversy, Olive finds she has been entrusted to protect her best friend and his secrets, though revealing them would make her life much easier. Meanwhile, she struggles to figure out what the Bible teaches about homosexuality while the members of Revive church lobby accusations back and forth, threatening to cause a church split.

In a twist that even Olive couldn’t anticipate, family relationships waiver as Olive tries to decode her mother’s mysterious behavior. When the past stirs up new accusations against Olive’s family, she learns that some secrets are more painful to reveal than others.

Though a helpful guy in Spanish class has her attention, Olive realizes that boy problems are the least of her worries. Can she balance drama, schoolwork, and still be the supportive friend and daughter God wants her to be?


About the Author

Kristin N. Spencer is an American expat living in a 68 square meter flat with her husband and three kids near the Aegean Sea. When she isn’t wifing, mothering, counseling, discipling, or writing, she enjoys sewing cosplay costumes for her family, baking, and hanging out with other geeks. She writes whatever she wants, including Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy. Her favorite person is Jesus and her favorite X-men character is Jean Grey. Kristin studied Comparative World Literature at California State University, Long Beach and received a Bachelors, which she fondly calls a degree in reading.

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Guest Post by Kristin N. Spencer

Retrospective thoughts are so powerful, aren’t they? Now that I’m an adult I often look back on my adolescence and think, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” As a YA author, I read a lot of books in my own genre, and I’ve noticed a pattern. Though many of the secular YA authors are brave enough to talk about the tough stuff, not many Christian authors go after the real world difficulties that face our young people. The passage of time constantly rips through generations creating new problems and situations. The world that my children are growing up in is very different from what I experienced, and the challenges that they face as Christians are also different. The Desires & Decisions series was born out of the need for me to able to address these controversial topics with my own children. Olive, a teenage girl growing up in Southern California, serves as the lens of perspective as we see almost everything from her point of view. Her world provides a safe, fictional place for Christians to flesh out these thoughts and think through what the Bible teaches about topics like racism, bullying, loving one’s neighbor, what real love is, and addiction.
Kerfuffle specifically explores the complex emotions associated with the Church and the temptation of same sex attraction. We get to experience the conflict Olive feels and also witness the varied reactions from different generations through Olive’s parents and other members of Revive Church. This issue isn’t going away, and as a Church we must be able to talk about it without alienating ourselves from those that struggle with this temptation. There is hope for every person through the blood of Jesus Christ, whether you struggle to love those who experience same sex attraction or you struggle with that temptation yourself. I hope Kerfuffle encourages you as you seek to walk closer to Christ.

My Review

I must honestly say that I wasn’t really sure about this book in the beginning.  It is more for a teenager, but I am not above reading teen books.  I just had no idea how it would pan out.  I’m so glad that I pushed forward and finished it!

This is a story that touches upon real life tragedies.  Just because a person is born again doesn’t mean that they will never encounter homosexuality or abuse.  It may not happen in their home, but they can encounter it among family members or friends.  This is the case for this Olive’s family.  

Olive’s family are church goers who fear the Lord.  They speak openly about God, pray for one another and as a family, and have Bible study in their home once a week.  Olive is a freshman in high school who wakes up early every morning to do her devotion and prayer.  Whenever there is an issue, the family prays right away. When Olive and her family learn that her friend Adam is attracted to boys, they pull together to support him.

Adam makes the choice to NOT get into a homosexual relationship because of his love for the Lord.  Even with this decision, however, he is ridiculed in his own church and is accused of sinning even though he has not sinned.  This is a very heavy story about how Christians can be too quick in hating a sinner who really, only sins differently than they do.

Kristin N. Spencer does a great job of putting scripture within this story that is a reminder that we are to love the sinner, not the sin.  We are not to judge and condemn others, but love them as ourselves.  When a Christian becomes self-righteous, not only is he sinning, but it can cause division within the church.  As Galatians 5:14 states, “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I received this book for free for an honest opinion.






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